WorkWies Technologies offers Cybersecurity awareness training through providing a training platform that is easy to understand, empowers your employees to know what to do to prevent cybercrime and offers continued online  & onsite training for the ever-changing new threats.  In-Person training can help your business target pain points and company policy or compliance requirements within an engaging environment that won’t put your users to sleep.

We strive to assess, identify and work to control threats to an organization’s capital and earnings. These threats, or risks, could stem from a wide variety of sources, including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, and strategic management errors.

Cybersecurity risk management now guides a growing number of IT decisions. Cybersecurity risks continue to have critical impacts on overall IT risk modeling, assessment, and mitigation. We help you to mitigate risk to your organization through Cybersecurity in person and ongoing web-based training.

Employee Training

WorkWies Technologies helps businesses bring a proactive and strategic approach to their employee cybersecurity awareness training. We provide ongoing training strategies to help your organization stay up to date with the ever-changing cyber threats while focusing on educating the organizations end-users to help prevent cyber attacks. Small businesses have become the number one target which cost organizations on average $84,000.

Security Policy Development

WorkWies Technologies develops an organizational security policy to prevent external threats and maintain the integrity of the network. While consulting with your organization to create and implement policies that define appropriate use of networks to reduce internal risks.

Security Communications Plan

Developing an effective Cybersecurity Communication Plan in this day and age is a top priority for organizations. “There’s a saying in the IT world: There are two kinds of companies, those that know they’ve been attacked, and those that don’t know they’ve been attacked.” We help to implement a plan if a breach should occur. As well as the actions every company can take to prepare for a cyber crisis.

Incident Response Plans

Developing an incident response plan is crucial to handling information breaches. We work with your organization to plan the necessary steps to take if a breach should occur with actionable, easy steps to understand and implement.


Working with your organization to manage ongoing cybersecurity training.