Cybersecurity Awareness Culture in an Organization

Creating a good cybersecurity culture doesn’t mean to simply create security policies and make everyone obey them.

Creating a culture that is security aware requires having your teammates buy into the idea…changing the organization thought process. To effectively get people to buy into a culture we have to get them to relate to the subject of cybersecurity. Ask, What does it mean to each individual? When it comes to protecting client data, ask teammates to consider how they would want their personal data handled. What would it mean to them if their identity was stolen, or if the organization went under in response to a security breach or incident such as malware.

All of this must start at the top of the organization. Managers, owners and board members must buy into the change, or nothing will change. Creating a open culture will help people respond to incidents more readily and quickly. If they think they will get punished, they’re much more likely to try to hide the incident and not come forward, which usually ends up creating larger problems for the organizations. Incidents can also lead to great learning experiences. Having an open culutre allows the organization to deal with the incident and used it to teach others and strengthen its security posture.

Lastly, talk about security in the organization. Organization meetings always cover projects, obstacles, goals, and finances. Make sure to add cybersecurity to your topic list. Everyone in your organization will benefit.

About the author Scott Wiesman

Scott Wiesman started his first company at the age of 15. He has over 20 years of IT experience beginning as a tech and working his way up to IT Manager, later becoming the owner of his own company WorkWies Technologies an MSP, now an MSSP specializing in IT Cybersecurity Consulting, Risk Management, Training & Compliance Management.

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