CryptoLocker Ransomware!!!

There is a new threat to your computer files and it goes by the name of CryptoLocker.  This is a nasty little piece of Ransomware.  Most randsomware programs say if you pay $ they’ll remove the bad software for you…..but it’s always a scheme to get money.  CryptoLocker differs from most of these programs because it actually encrypts your personal files…..Word, Excel, Outlook, Pictures, etc.  Without the encryption key, you lose access to those files.  What’s the price to get your file back?  $300!!!  There is no way of getting your files decrypted without paying the fee.  CryptoLocker gives you 100 hours to pay up before completely locking you out of encrypted files for good.  Below is a screenshot of the message infected computers will recieve.





Make sure you have up to date AntiVirus and AntiMalware protection and current backups of important files.  While the cryptolocker program can be removed, your files can’t be decrypted so take precautions and be careful of what links you’re clicking on browsing the web and using social media like Facebook.

Carbonite and SugarSync can help make file backups easy.

Survive a PC disaster

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