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Our goal is to support your business while providing the latest in IT and Cybersecurity prevention.

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Our Story

Our Founder Scott Wiesman, CISSP started his first company fixing computers and building servers at the age of 15. He worked for his father’s CPA Firm starting at 17 as a tech and worked his way up to System/Network Administrator then onto IT Manager.

He then opened his own IT company and has been in IT for over 20 years. Scott loves helping his clients have great IT that puts Information Security first. Scott was doing this for his family’s firm, long before the term Cybersecurity was popularized.

His passion for Information Technology & Cybersecurity helps him be a better provider to his clients.

Scott recognized the future of IT which would include Cyber threats that could destroy a company like his families in one click. He made it his goal to become and expert in Information security to help company’s like his families receive great IT while keeping information secure and reducing cyber threats.


IT + Cybersecurity

Many companies believe that their IT providers are keeping them safe and secure from cyber threats, unfortunately this is not always true. In fact many IT providers are actually putting their clients company at risk.
We provide IT + Cybersecurity to help protect your company. Our founder is a Certified Information Security Professional so everything we do places Information Security first.
We are your partner in prevention when it comes to your company’s Cybersecurity, your company’s Information and your clients’ data. Bringing you the latest technologies in IT and Cybersecurity is our expertise.
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